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Various options to learn Spanish during your visit
UCA Universidad de Cadiz

UCA offers many Spanish courses adapted to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) There are difference formats to suit your needs, such as 90 - 180-hour courses from 3-12 weeks. 

They also cater to groups from Unverversities and Institions from around the world, offering tailored programed and often offering extra services such as cultural activies.

Bars, Cafes, groups

Cadiz if full of bars and cafes where you can practise your Spanish. The locals are very friendly and love to chat, so it´s the perfect opertunity to practise your Spanish. 

Most of our residents are Spanish students studying in the Universidad de Cadiz - UCA. This provides a great opportunity for overseas students to practice Spanish with the other students in the Residence. 

Cadiz is full of opportunities to learn Spanish or to better your communication skills with the locals. 

Spanish language courses

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